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On-Page Calculator for Amazon Sellers

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Displays Below the Product Title on Amazon Product Detail Pages

  • On-Page, Real-Time Calculator
  • Information Where You Want It
  • Customize to Your Preferences
  • Quick Links to Desired Resources
  • See ROI and Profit Margin
  • Number of FBA and MFN Sellers


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Revseller replace Keepa and CamelCamelCamel?

RevSeller provides different benefits than Keepa and Camel and we love using both of those services with RevSeller. Keepa and Camel both specialize in showing the price and sales rank changes over recent history. RevSeller focuses on helping people save time and source for products faster. Getting all the info automatically placed at the top of the page and the net proceeds/profit/ROI estimator save a lot of time. When you are on a page with variations like shoes or clothing, you can click the button and it will give you a list of variations with prices and offers for each including the out of stock variations. Some sellers use this to source Amazon to Amazon flips, or to look for out of stock/nearly out of stock variations.

How does RevSeller differ from Jungle Scout?

In my opinion Jungle Scout has several nice features when viewing a search results page on Amazon. RevSeller is really nice to have when viewing product detail pages. You don't have to scroll and click nearly as much because RevSeller presents lots of helpful data directly on the Amazon product page. You save a lot of clicking and typing when trying to estimate fees and net profit because the estimator is right there on the page and updates almost immediately when you make a change. If you sell products with variations like shoes and clothing, the Variation Viewer button shows prices and offers that might take 100's of clicks to get that same data by clicking on each variation. So, RevSeller is really nice to have when you are viewing an Amazon product detail page.

What does the Google Chrome Extension do?

googlechromeThe purpose of this extension is to help you make faster and more informed product decisions using our Product Calculator Estimates and the information we make easily available on the page. While we strive for accuracy, sometimes there is not enough data available for an exact estimate of fees or other data. We encourage you to check the data with Amazon's calculator or in the manage inventory page fee estimates before making product decisions.

Who can use this extension?

In order to use this product, you must have a Professional Selling Account with Individual selling accounts do not get access to the data required.

Why do I need to add my MWS API information?

The extension provides so many features because we are able to access the Amazon MWS Product data. Amazon places access limits per seller to the Amazon API, so if all our users would use the same API credentials, we would start experiencing delays as our community grows.

MWS (API) access is required upon setting up the extension, so you must have a Professional Selling plan with Amazon.

What API data do you access with my MWS API credentials?

We only call product information for the page you are currently visiting, and do not request any seller-specific data.

How accurate are the net proceeds estimates?

Services that use the Amazon API to estimate fees can estimate fees accurately for a large portion of products, but they also all have limitations on accuracy because of limited data from the Amazon API. We have worked hard to create accurate estimates, and encourage you to check with Amazon Calculator or other Amazon sources before making decisions.

Can my VA use the extension also?

Yes! If you have one or more VAs working directly for you and your selling account, they can use your RevSeller account to use the extension as well. After you have signed up, your VA can login to with your login and then go to “My Account” and “Download Extension.”

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