Master the Unique and Proven Method to Identifying 100 Profitable ASINs for Your Amazon Business.

Is the process of evaluating potential replens ASINs creating analysis paralysis and stifling your Amazon reselling business? Are you spending countless hours evaluating potential ASINs with little or no progress? Break free from the world of foggy uncertainty and step into a world of decisive action with our transformative workshop.

This intensive 2-day experience, specifically designed for Amazon replens resellers, focuses on imparting the skills, tools, and most importantly, the confidence to identify profitable ASINs, while effectively safeguarding your capital.

Our unique 3-step check system, including identifying robust sales velocity, allows you to make informed decisions rather than gambling on an ASIN. Learn to identify trends beyond the current selling price, interpret historical data, and protecting your investment, while accelerating your decision-making process.

Completing this workshop equips you to expertly identify and test ASINs, and sets you on the path towards building a list of 100 ASINs, a key stepping stone to generating over $10,000 in sales each month.


“It’s hands-on and experience driven.”
~Michael Warren

“I walked away knowing what my next steps were and how to execute them.” ~Tokunbo Okanla

“I had known a lot of this before but had never quite put it together.” ~Ron Russell

It really changed my whole outlook on how to source.” ~Brian McDonough

“I feel light years ahead from where I started.” ~Diana Simpson

“You get from A to Z super fast instead of struggling.” ~Eva Minotti


  • 2 days of intensive, hands-on training with actionable strategies
  • Over 7 hours of practical exercises guided by experienced coaches
  • Foundational principles for systematically building your Amazon business
  • Networking opportunities with like-minded professionals


  • The confidence and skillset to identify and test profitable ASINs
  • An actionable, repeatable system to guide you in building a list of 100 ASINs and beyond
  • An ASIN test evaluation worksheet to streamline your decision-making process
  • A 30-day ASIN testing plan with tracking worksheet, tailored to your business needs
  • A comprehensive companion guide to recreate and practice everything learned in the workshop
  • Strategies for consistent growth and stable profits
  • The ability to discern good replens, creating consistency in your Amazon business
  • Efficient techniques for analyzing and finding testable ASINs
  • Tactics for avoiding dud ASINs, making substantial progress in building and scaling your Amazon busines


  • Active Amazon reseller account
  • Laptop computer (tablets and mobile phones are insufficient)
  • Chrome browser
  • Active Keepa subscription and Chrome extension
  • On-page Calculator with break-even calculations included (recommended: RevSeller or AZInsight) (trials available)
  • A commitment to breaking away from analysis paralysis and towards decisive act


Brian & Robin Joy Olson

Throughout our own entrepreneurial journey, we have benefited immensely from the invaluable lessons and teachings imparted by our mentors and those who have generously shared their secrets to aid us in our journey.

We have been privileged to witness the profound impact that using established fundamentals can have on building a solid foundation for business growth. Working closely with numerous individuals, we have observed a remarkable transformation as they embrace clear, methodical, and systematic methods that yield tangible results. The newfound confidence experienced as these techniques are implemented has reinforced our belief in the effectiveness of this approach.

  • We are inspired by the accomplishments of others.
  • We are passionate about helping others reach their goals.
  • We are committed to sharing the keys to success that have been shared with us.

With unwavering commitment and boundless enthusiasm,

Brian and Robin Joy Olson

Embark on this transformative journey with us, transitioning from analysis to action, building a thriving Amazon business, and securing your financial freedom. There's no other workshop in the market providing this unique roadmap. Welcome to the path of informed decision-making, consistent growth, and stable profits.

Our 2024 Orlando Workshop was a huge hit! Sellers left motivated, encouraged and equipped for success with REPLENS on Amazon!

Our workshops have been huge successes!

The next workshop is August 16-17, 2024
in Nashville, TN

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