Your First Sale on Amazon in 30 to 60 Days for Just $1.00

The step-by-step low-risk blueprint for newbies to get started on Amazon. 

After helping thousands of Amazon sellers launch and grow their businesses, we’ve discovered the fastest possible method to getting started. 

This is Your Low-Risk Beginner's Step by Step Guide to Getting your First Sale on Amazon in 30 to 60 Days

Here’s the hard truth:

When you learned to drive, watching videos and reading ABOUT driving never got you anywhere, right?

Selling on Amazon is very similar.

You have to take action… practice… if you want to go places.

Watching tens of videos… reading tons of articles… talking to tons of sellers… won’t help much…


This roadmap was created specifically for newbies… TO TAKE ACTION EVERY DAY

…because we discovered that students who get their first sale quickly stick around and build successful businesses.

Confusion and fear can set in when learning something new (like starting a new business).

When we let confusion or fear in, it slows us down a LOT… like tapping the breaks of our car every time we’re ready to accelerate. If that’s you, you’re in for a rough ride!

This short course is intended to help you smoothly accelerate your Amazon business.

The content is divided into bite-sized chunks so starting this new business becomes more manageable

No matter what your experience level is we’ve got you covered.

This 30-day course is about…

…Quick wins. Momentum. Faster Growth.

Like learning to drive, there’s a learning curve. It won’t be a walk in the park.

But we have many students like Kate who started with nothing and now are using their FBA income to support their family:
“Our FBA business was born almost exactly 3 years ago, and I cannot tell you the world of difference that it has made for us. It took a while to build our capital, because we started at less than zero, but we just kept rolling the money back into the business as if it didn't belong to us at all.

In June of last year, we were finally to the point where our business profit doubled my husband's teaching income, and the inventory levels were high enough that he made the decision to resign from his job and come home to be with our family full time. What a journey! Lessons in patience, tenacity, diligence, and perseverance mark our path all along the last 3 years.

We have watched our dreams come true.

Homeschooling our kids, working alongside my husband in everything and raising our kids together, getting out of personal debt, and seeing a difference in our future!” (Kate C.)
Katie C.
Homeschool Mom


What do we teach in this course?
Instead of investing thousands of dollars in products that will only end up filling your garage, we teach all sellers to start with small quantities.


This is our low-risk, low-cost model that you’ll learn  in the next 30 days:

*Test 2-3 units based on data that shows you a high probability of selling

*When they sell, buy more units (5-10 units) 

*When these sell, buy 10-20 units (or however many will sell in one month)

*Find a cheaper source for the same product to buy more

*Find a second product, and apply the same strategy

*Find a third product, rinse and repeat

Does this low-risk approach make sense to you? It surely does make sense to us! 

That’s why we teach it around here.

“Just a little update to encourage you all… Today is my 2 year anniversary of selling on Amazon. You all know I started with just my last $200 plus some stuff in my garage. I have turned that $200 into working from home.”
Lisa M.
Full-time Mom

Lisa M: “Just a little update to encourage you all… Today is my 2 year anniversary of selling on Amazon. You all know I started with just my last $200 plus some stuff in my garage. I have turned that $200 into working from home.” 

With this course, you’ll get to advance every day, every week on exactly what to do.

And then you’ll start seeing your first sales trickling in… day by day, week by week.

Legally, we cannot promise you that you’ll make X number of sales or make a specific amount of money…

But I can guarantee this: if you don’t start, you won’t make any money.

We’ve seen thousands of students build businesses that provide for their families and help them achieve their financial dreams.

We know this is possible for you as well!

Here’s What You Get:

The Amazon Kickstart Course

This course is valued at $97...

...however we want to make sure every new seller gets the chance to make that first sale asap, so are offering access for just...


“Why Are You Selling This So Inexpensively?”

We get this question from potential students ALL THE TIME! 

Why not charge 10x what we’re charging? Everyone else does…

The answer is simple:

…Because we don’t like to put barriers between eager entrepreneurs and their success.

…Because we like to introduce our ideas in a low-risk environment (and that means a low-price).

…Because we believe “high ticket” (i.e., “expensive”) items should be customized and only sold to qualified individuals (and we have those more expensive options, like the customized one-on-one coaching). 

Given our strategy, price should not be a reason that keeps anyone from starting an Amazon business.

If you considered buying another Amazon course, listen to Michael.

Michael lost thousands following a strategy taught by the creators of an expensive course…

“I wish I’ve seen [your course] before I joined {this other program} as [your course] is far better value for the money,” adds Michael. 

Our Guarantee

Our goal is to make our customers happy, so we back that up with our simple refund policy. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, just contact us within 30 days and we will offer a full refund or credit – your choice!

*Most sellers can make the first sale between 30-60 days, depending on how fast they take action, if they are international students or inside the USA, and length of time to set up their initial Amazon account.

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