Attention Amazon Seller:
Sourcing Profitable Inventory Online from Anywhere Just Got SIMPLIFIED!

Imagine owning an Amazon Replens business that uses only online sourcing strategies so that you never see or touch your inventory.

Two of the top coaches on our team are getting incredible results themselves on Amazon while teaching numerous coaching students how to source online on auto-pilot.

Now they are revealing the entire system in a series of live training modules.

What is “OA Simplified”?

This is a new strategy for Amazon Sellers who want to methodically locate virtually unlimited sources of “OA” (online arbitrage) products that sell fast for great margins on Amazon using a PROVEN system!! And it all runs 100% hands-free.

These are the same strategies you are hearing talked about more and more on our free podcast and in our nearly 70,000 member Facebook group

Watch Leigha’s Podcast Episode #431

“Mom has full-time job but sold $450K in spare time in 2021” on Silent Sales Machine Radio

(she’s going for $1MM in 2022 without seeing or touching her inventory!)

Watch Jessica & Leigha’s Podcast Episode #480

“Two moms- each selling $100K/month teach us about hands free online sourcing for Amazon REPLENS” on Silent Sales Machine Radio 


The images in the background are just some of the hundreds of recent success stories from our Amazon REPLENS seller students.

* all sessions will be recorded for easy playback later if you miss a live session.


Get this exclusive online 6 week training
with Leigha & Jessica *

*This exclusive 6 week online training series has begun and the first session was June 28th, but it's not too late to get started! All training will be live Tuesdays at 7:00 EST on the following dates: July 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th, & August 2nd. If you can't make it to the live session, don't worry, the videos will be available in the Facebook page as soon as each session is over so you can access them on YOUR schedule.

Your "OA SIMPLIFIED" Training Sessions Will Include the Following:

  1. Using Tactical Arbitrage as an OA power tool:

    In the first session we’ll explore the features and possibilities of using “Tactical Arbitrage” as a replens hunting tool. We’ll also explore some of the common mistakes, pitfalls and misconceptions about “TA” as a replens hunting tool. Tactical Arbitrage is a powerful tool with many features that often frustrate new users, but we’ll cut through the “fluff” and get right into the exact way we’ve used this tool as a REPLEN hunting power drill! We will also be going over basic TA filters in our product search that can work amazingly well for “reverse search” strategies. This session will feature basic knowledge of the “TA” program that will enable new users to get started and experienced users to gain new insights.

  2. Mastering the “Reverse Search” Strategy: Mass Store Stalking / Keepa Store Stalking

    In session three we will show students our FAVORITE methods for locating and importing powerful lists of external data sourced from places like Amazon, Keepa and more. We’ll input these lists into “TA” so that this power tool software can do ALL the heavy lifting for you to find UNDERSERVED ASINS! You’ll be finding replens on autopilot!

  3. Sale Targeting / Keepa Product Finder Sourcing / Leads List Sourcing & Salegazer Sourcing

    We’ll show you how to align discounts available on a site into Tactical Arbitrage in order for leads to reveal themselves in search results. We’ll show you how to use free tools and leads lists to start your sourcing day.

  4. What is Tactical Expander*?

    In session five we’ll discuss an AMAZING tool that deserves a session all on its own! It increases your competitive edge by allowing you to source additional sites that are not included in the standard Tactical Arbitrage suite. We’ll show you how to take full advantage of this bonus power tool!

    *NOTE: Tactical Expander does come at an additional cost and you will be offered the opportunity to purchase Tactical Expander at a 20% community discount that we’ve negotiated.

  5. Finding Replens in TA, Using Tactical Expander & Search Result Filtering:

    In session 5 we will show students how to specifically laser target REPLENS in “TA”. You will learn to locate source options within “TA”, find additional sources with “TE” (TACTICAL EXPANDER*) and how to filter out discounted results in order to find products that can be replenished without needing to wait on discounts and sales as well as how to eliminate/minimize competition based on what the standard “TA” subscriber has access to while also finding replenishable products.

    Many sites offer sale/discounted items that can be replenished many times before they’re no longer available from that particular source site. We WILL also be covering how to find replenishable items at full price using filtering. Depending on the site, some items are permanently “discounted”. 

    *NOTE: Tactical Expander does come at an additional cost and you will be offered the opportunity to purchase Tactical Expander at a 20% community discount that we’ve negotiated.

  6. More “Easy Peasy” Tactics to Give you an Edge:  

    In session six we’ll cover several super easy yet powerful strategies that will blow your mind! How to “Store Stalk Yourself”, Performing “Ninja Keyword Searches”, doing “Simplified Quick Searches” and how to get the most from “Tactical Expander”! We’ll perform quick keyword searches and 1-2 click search methods using “reverse searching” that will uncover winning REPLEN ASINs that are right under your nose.

  7. BONUS: Rub Elbows with the Biggest Hitters in Online Arbitrage

    You will be in a private Facebook group with numerous serious Replens sellers who are growing their online arbitrage businesses. Just being a part of this Facebook group will be worth more than 10x the price of receiving this training. 


Jessica Decker

I started selling on Amazon 7 years ago as a way to ease our family’s transition into civilian life, after 21 years in the military. I found the My Silent Team community….and was so thankful to have the wisdom and guidance of experienced sellers from the very beginning. Over the years we have tried every possible model….RA, OA, POD, wholesale, private label. We have had teams of shoppers, prepped ourselves and hired preppers. I love teaching others and was honored to become a part of Jim Cockrum’s Coaching team, where I have met so many great friends like Leigha. After trying literally everything, I have finally found my niche in online arbitrage. Now, we utilize a prep center and are completely hands off with our inventory. It is just me and my laptop! Leigha and I love tools, especially Tactical Arbitrage, and we are looking forward to showing others how they can also fit their business around their lifestyle.

Leigha Modlin

I started my e-commerce Journey in the spring of 2020 as a way to make a few extra hundred dollars a month to help take some of the burden of my enormous student loan payments off my family’s finances. I initially started selling used books on Amazon that I mostly found at Goodwill. I signed up for the PAC course and started Jimmy’s replen method. My journey’s beginning aligned with the Pandemic moving into full swing and I found immediate success with store brands. With a 5 month old at home, it became difficult to manage my business within the RA model. I signed up for coaching and was very fortunate to have been assigned Jessica as my coach. She was the very first person who introduced me to Tactical Arbitrage and under her tutelage, the rest was history! I finished coaching in May of 2021 and continued learning TA methods with her and our mastermind group of friends, intent on making e-commerce and Amazon work for us and fit into our lifestyles. In the OA Simplified training series, Jessica and I intend to present methods that simplify the transition into OA sourcing and can potentially give you the freedom to run your business from your computer, regardless of where you live. 

June 2022 post from our FB Group by Jessica Decker

June 2022 post from our FB Group by Leigha Modlin

The images in the background are just some of the hundreds of recent success stories from our Amazon REPLENS seller students.


Are classes live? Recorded? When do they start?

Classes start on Tuesday, June 28th, 2022 and are weekly. All sessions begin at 7PM ET (New York time) and will of course be recorded for easy playback at any time. Upon paying, you’ll be directed to a private Facebook group where our sessions will be conducted. Contact our support team with any issues or questions.

What's different about the OA Simplified and REPLEN training offered here?

As you’ve heard on recent podcast episodes, we are seeing students build systems that run hands free! No boxes to prep- no boxes on your porch – no warehouse needed! Your teachers for these sessions are two coaches on our team who run this exact system and are teaching numerous coaching students how to automate “TA” and turn it into a REPLENS hunting machine! You can use a prep center to manage your inventory and never touch a product if you don’t want to! Learning the basic OA Simplified system could be the lowest hanging fruit and most “automatable” Amazon business system in the world.

If I live outside the US does this still work?

Yes – anyone can use the Amazon REPLENS system and source inventory in the US while selling it in the US without ever touching their inventory! We strongly advise our international students to go through our InternationalAZ.com course to help them with a few unique challenges you’ll face setting up your Amazon account.

Are there any tools we'll need for this training series?

Yes – you’ll need Tactical Arbitrage. We’ve set up a special offer for you on the tool here: “TA“. If you don’t yet have KEEPA (which means you probably haven’t studied our REPLENS system yet), you’ll need a paid Keepa subscription as well.  You will also optionally be offered the opportunity to purchase Tactical Expander at a 20% discount that we’ve negotiated. See sessions 4 & 5 above for a description of this tool.

Is there a "prerequisite" to the OA Simplified training series? Is it "newbie friendly"?

If you are brand new to Amazon selling, you should invest in the ProvenAmazonCourse and study the REPLENS method prior to applying these strategies. Having an account on Amazon and understanding how our REPLENS sales process works on Amazon are not topics covered in the OA Simplified training series.

Have more questions?

Email us:  support@silentsalesmachine.com


I’ve been using Tactical Arbitrage for quite a while, but Leigha has taught me so many additional uses of the tool, especially mass store stalking, that it’s made a huge improvement to my sourcing. ~ Debi Z.

Leigha’s expertise and passion for helping others build and grow their Amazon business has been such a blessing to me! I have learned so much and now make more money in less work time. I couldn’t be more thankful! ~ Lacy K.

Leigha has an easygoing, instructional style that makes technical information such as Tactical Arbitrage very relatable and therefore easier to learn. She has adapted concepts that most people find hard to grasp into something that can be accessible for anyone as long as they understand the basic concepts of TA, such as how to use filters, in the various searches which she explains in detail. With help from Jessica and Leigha, I have been using TA daily with ease and confidence. ~ Vivien K.

I am not the best when it comes to learning a new software. Tactical arbitrage seemed daunting at first and something I thought only pro sellers could really get the handle of. I was so wrong and it’s because of Leigha’s clear and concise instruction that I really got comfortable with TA. During my session with Leigha, she broke down the process of how to go about using TA, what filters are good to use, and she shared tips on getting the most out of your searches. Once we nailed TA down, she then showed me tactical expander (TE) which was an amazing add on. I now am a complete TA/TE believer ! I mostly use these softwares when it comes to my online arbitrage. It is especially useful when you’re in a sourcing rut. I am incredibly grateful for Leigha’s help. It’s because of her knowledge in TA/TE and her meticulous instruction that I truly got a good handle of a software I was once intimidated by! Thank you! ~ Hibah R.

This course was exactly what I was looking for! I work full-time and physically going to stores and packing product was getting to be a bit much. This new business model allowed me to stay at home and work behind my computer, which I def prefer. I admit there was a bit of a learning curve, but anyone who is familiar with KEEPA will do fine in my opinion. I’ve already sold a few products and it’s awesome seeing my sales go from around $5 profit per item to around $15 – $20 profit per item. I still do a few replens (RA), but this was a great additon to my business! In short it’s a bit of a learning curve, but if you stick with it there is a whole other world of opportunities out there. ~ Patrick G.

TA has been a game changer for me. Leigha has been wonderful and easy to work with. I felt like it was magic before my eyes and watching the conversions happening. I highly recommend this program you won’t regret it! ~ Jen C

Leigha and Jessica have been invaluable in teaching how to use TA. Not only did the teach the ins and outs of how it works, but also showed unique and creative ways to use the software to constantly be finding products! I’m so thankful for their time and effort to help me grow! I would not be where I am today in my knowledge of TA without them! ~ Tori K.

I first bought Tactical Arbitrage a few years ago, but after struggling to get any traction and finding little or no products, I gave up my subscription. Then I met Leigha last summer at the Proven Conference and in just minutes she showed me how she sets up her searches and was finding products right away. Needless to say, I’m a subscriber again, and I set up searches daily using what I learned from Leigha. I’m so excited that she and Jessica have put all their expertise into a course and I know people will love their content and find great success applying their principles!  ~ Adam W.

My business wouldn’t be the same without Leigha’s and Jessica’s course. Their step by step guide made a complicated software look easy and understandable. TA/TE are definitely a big part of my business now. Without their advice I wouldn’t be able to figure it out and now it’s fun, like a video game. Thank you. ~ Anastasia G.

The images in the background are just some of the hundreds of recent success stories from our Amazon REPLENS seller students.

The doors are now closed while we serve the students who requested to join the live sessions. The recorded videos may be made available at some point after Sept 2022. Get on our mailing list for updates. Join us at TheProvenConference.com August 12-14th in Louisville, KY for live training on these same “OA Simplified” concepts!

Only $247

Our goal is to make our customers happy, so we back that up with our simple refund policy. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, just contact us within 30 days and we will offer a full refund or credit – your choice! Have questions or concerns? We are happy to help. Contact us at: support@silentsalesmachine.com

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