Would you like to see over 150 examples of products selling on Amazon ABOVE BUY BOX using the "Replens" strategy?


Do you have to beat other sellers with a lower price in order to win on Amazon in the reselling game?



Everyday our students sell against millions of ASINs on Amazon well above the typical buy box line!

If you’ve heard our podcast you’ve heard from 100’s of students who’ve used the ideas from our Proven Amazon Course and/or our coaching program to build amazing businesses selling boring everyday items on Amazon. We call this low cost, low learning curve model of selling on Amazon our “REPLENS” system and we’ve been teaching it for nearly seven years with tremendous success.

One of the mistakes many new sellers make is thinking that they have to “WIN THE BUY BOX” in order to win sales. While we do love winning the buy box, it’s simply not necessary in order to make consistent sales, and this 16 module training course proves it with specific examples!

Recently I made over 150 posts in this discussion thread in our free Facebook group showing sales happening in real time from my personal Amazon seller account demonstrating sales occurring repeatedly on profitable ASINs where my “sell price” is well ABOVE BUY BOX consistently.

The goal of this training is to inspire you and demonstrate to you how to FIND and TEST against ASINs with a “sell price” that’s profitable for you and well above the typical “buy box” window.

Understanding the lessons from this course opens up millions of test worthy ASINS for all Amazon sellers.

Actual Keepa Examples

All of the examples shown below are Keepa images of ASINs from my own personal Amazon selling account that sold over a short period of time recently.

Gold arrows represent my consistent selling price on this ASIN.  The pink line represents typical Amazon Buy Box pricing.

There are 150+ more examples in the course.

What’s included in the training modules?

You’ll get access to a list of over 150 examples of Keepa charts where the ASIN is selling consistently above “buy box”!  We go through the examples one by one and also teach you the following lessons:

Comments from Facebook Discussion

This is very encouraging! My first items are listed (for the last 24 hours), and I priced them at their highest sell price in the last 90 days (per Brian and Robin Joy Olsen’s suggestion). After only 1 day I’m freaking out that none have sold (4 ASINs). This makes me want to hold my line for that first week of the test before lowering the price. It also shows me I need to be patient and realistic. 🤪 Thanks, Jim! – Janeen P

I love the keepa charts you have shared so far. Tells so much, stable kind of buy box and continuous seller movement is what I am always looking for. – Khatera A

These are VERY helpful examples! Thank you for showing us that Keepa isn’t perfect and that testing means discovering the unexpected. I can guarantee I’ve turned down hundreds if not thousands of ASINs that look exactly like this. Makes me wonder how many of those were winners? But, I’m looking forward to trying more ASINs going forward. – Nichole W

Jim. I really enjoy post like this. As I listen more of your podcast, these post explains test worthy asin in detail and how to look out for them. It is really good way to deep dive and understand when I see what you exactly did here and how you selected the asin to be tested. Thank you. – Sinhsei T

Yes ! Keep them coming , learning a lot . It’s especially good to see that there is still lots of good replen asins out there.  – Nicole J

Appreciate these posts Jim and find them inspiring! I tend not to test on the high seller count items unless its going to be discontinued but am probably missing some consistent sales by not doing so! – Jacqueline R

This is so encouraging!! – Cheryl H

YES!!! I (and I’ll speak for “we”) DO LOVE these posts… Thanks Jim! – Brian 

So often the main question is “show me”. These are great, keep them coming Jim Cockrum – Patricia S

Thanks Jim for doing these posts. Great examples to show what actually is working in real time. – Kyle B

Loving these replens posts from you! Jim Cockrum – Elizabeth F

This is great stuff! Thanks for sharing it. – Robin O

Great info. Love this post. – Scott H

These posts are terrific in showing what a test worthy ASIN is! – Teri M

Love these examples, helps to better recognize and learn what to look for on Keepa. – Sheena N

These are very helpful posts! – Lisa J

They certainly prove the point of ignoring the buy box! I would love to find some of these.. They look awesome and with great ROI’s! – Joe C

Jim Cockrum these examples are a lot of fun 🙂 thank you! – Shira S

That’s what we are doing! Thank you for your support, encouragement and wonderful examples! -Priscy R

Love these Jim Cockrum. Educational, eye opening, and inspiring!!! – Kelsey S

Keep them coming Jim! These examples are so inspiring! -Priscy R

Thank you for the posts! They are very helpful! – Florentina H

Thanks for taking the time to show us these, Jim Cockrum. Always appreciate it! – Nicole 

Please post as many as you can 😊 super helpful. A Keepa graph is worth a thousand words. – Mike A

I love these examples.. if these dont prove to ignore the buy box, I dont know what will!! Keep them coming sir! love it! – Joe C

Keep them coming! I love these examples! – Kristin P

So awesome, great examples – Christopher A

Thank you for these examples, it gives us good insight. -Pam N

Love how you show us all the different possibilities for finding test-worthy Asins.- Jeffrey C

Love this insight! I’m starting to really learn the value of testing ASINs. The data may not always be as it seems – Elijah O

Thank You for your posts Jim! They are very helpful to me and the community – Zubair A

I (and I’m sure many others) love it when you share these! – Mike A

Nice to see analysis from a vet. – Patrick B

Good fruitful information! Love this! – Duane M

Yes please keep sharing!! Thank you! – Kristin L



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