ASD Trade Show No Show Sourcing, Wholesale, Private Label, Proven Product Partnering & Brand Building Workshop​

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On April 7 – 10 we held a Virtual ASD
4 Straight Days of Intensive Training
Presentations by:

Nathan Bailey

(Director of Jim Cockrum Coaching) Covering Tradeshow No Show Sourcing & Proven Product Partnering Strategy
Abe Ortolani
(Director Of Private Label Coaching) Covering Private Label Strategy and Product Launch Strategy
Michael Gray
(Director Of Branding / Art Director Humnbird) Covering Brand Building Strategy
John Harding
(Succesful Coaching Student and PPP2.0 Expert) Sourcing Clients For PPP 2.0
Teresa Rose
(Director Of Wholesale Coaching) Covering Wholesale Strategy
Learn how you can be a part of one of the greatest shifts in wealth in history. There is a massive opportunity right now in the current climate and we show how to put your business in the right place at the right time. There has never been a better time than right now to learn and apply these strategies and use the internet creatively to make multiple streams of income.
​Learn Valuable Wholesale, Private Label, & Proven Product Partnering Techniques
If the answer is yes… You are NOT ALONE!
Whether you’re selling your own products or leveraging partnerships…most people struggle with these problems and concepts…

…and these are the exact problems we solved at our ASD Product & Client Sourcing Workshop…

This workshop is your launchpad to capitalize on the many massive opportunities accessible during ASD Market Week!!
Here’s What You’ll Learn
“The team at Humnbird has been invaluable in building our business. We had reached a point where we needed expert, efficient help so we didn’t waste time and money going down the wrong path. Nathan, Michael and the rest of the team jumped on our projects quickly, took the time to understand our company’s mission and worked closely with us to determine the trajectory of our brand, build our logo and file our trademark! Having everything with one team has made working with Humnbird a dream come true! Our experience was so wonderful we are using them to rework our next two brands! We are happy to fly with Humnbird!”

Jacinda Smith CEO

“Every once in awhile a chance meeting is like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. That’s what happened the first time I met Michael Gray of Humnbird. He said, “I think we should work together.” Little did I know what to expect. And little did I know how our company was to change.

Soon we had a three-way conversation which also included Nathan Bailey. Wow, that’s like catching lightning in a bottle! High Octane and performance that match promises.

Humnbird has made a huge difference for my company, StayWell Copper. We are bringing an antimicrobial copper product line to market and needed this talented team to help us ‘get it right’. We heavily depend on Nathan to keep our products correctly listed on eCommerce sites and fully maximize our listings. He’s a genius and so kind to work with. His clock never seems to be off as he is always willing to take my calls and tackle whatever we send his way.

StayWell Copper has made big strides and are so excited to move to next steps with Humnbird. Check us out at and check out the work of Humnbird at Without reservation, I give this group Two Thumbs Up…Way UP!”

Marcia Reece CEO
StayWell Copper
Scottsdale, AZ

“Humnbird has gone above and beyond the call of duty for SUPVETS. Their communication, dedication and ability to understand our vision lead to the creation of a brand that truly embodied our story. Throughout our journey there were many relationships built which has proven to be invaluable for SUPVETS and its mission. They created a lasting brand that has brought value and success to my organization and their knowledge, experience and a love for business has earned a top recommendation from SUPVETS.”

James Benway CEO





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