If you aren’t using eBay to find profitable inventory for Amazon, you are missing out on the goldmine!
Did you know that there is a largely untapped treasure trove of amazing products available on eBay that you can purchase for very little and sell for a lot? My guide will show you exactly:
The most common question we are asked in regards to building an Amazon business is this, “Where can I find profitable inventory to sell?” This book is yet another fantastic answer to that question.

If you have an internet connection and want to enhance your Amazon business, this guide will be a tremendous lift to your confidence as you start to easily sourcing incredible bargains daily for your Amazon business.

The information shared with you in this book is exactly what Simon uses everyday to build his Amazon business. He’s been perfecting his techniques now for several years and for the first time he is sharing them with you. If you follow his guidance, you will succeed.

His sales each month exceed $25,000 using these very same techniques. It provides a good income for him and his family and it could do the same for you!
This guide will be updated periodically and will made available FREE to those who purchase.
Jim Cockrum the new ebay ebook just paid for itself. Haven’t even read the whole thing. Just bought some medical supplies that are ranked 3,000 HPC and I’m going to double the $100 I spent. All of this in less than two hours of work. Can’t wait till I actually get efficient with this technique!
– Jakarri D.
This could be a great resource for Amazon sellers, especially for those just starting out. The book provides some great insights to buying low and selling high, with very little initial investment. I could see someone starting with less than $100 and building up their business quickly.
– Larry P.
I finished Simon’s new book and found lots of great tips and tricks that I had not thought of or considered in 15 years on eBay. . . .explains in detail on how to increase Amazon sales using eBay as a source of inventory. I would recommend this as a guide to beginning and seasoned Amazon sellers.
– Steve W.
For those that say they are no local sources of inventory for Amazon (especially my UK friends) they obviously haven’t read Simon Charlton’s “Ebay to Amazon ARBITRAGE GUIDE!

Simon tells you practically everything he does to leverage eBay to provide him with nearly unlimited local inventory to sell to the world on Amazon.

New, creative and fresh is how I would describe Simon’s sourcing approach.

Not only do I count Simon as a good friend but having read his book it’s obvious…. he’s a serious expert when it comes to eBay to Amazon Arbitrage!
– George T.
I believe this is a great resource for anyone who is interested in taking the time to purchase on eBay and resell it on Amazon. It is not a new strategy, however, I think that the author does put a unique twist on things and gives some really good ideas on how he does it.

I like the idea that he gives specific categories that work better than others His strategy of looking for items about to expire and bidding at the last minute, using Auction Only items is great!

I actually stopped what I was doing and went over and purchased an item from eBay using this exact strategy.
– Patti M.
Simon Charlton has created a concise & practical guide on how to source products on eBay in order to sell them on Amazon. I’m very pleased with the tactics Simon lays out here, as I use many of them in my own business. I highly recommend this guide. Well done Simon.
– George N.
What I liked about this book is that it works across all eBay and Amazon countries and can also be used by people living outside say the USA. For example I could source on eBay USA and use a prep company and have eBay items delivered there and then into Amazon. Also the ebook covers the method in a simple step by step approach and allows the new person to pick up the book, read it and then take some money and buy some products… Simple, Easy, But very powerful and the more time you put into this the more money you can make. This is one of those resources that can be picked up and used for a few days or weeks to generate some income and then put back into storage, or it can be used on a regular basis and in time it can become another income stream.
– Andrew M.
“I’m excited to work with Jim and his team to bring you this exclusive new strategy.”
“My team was very excited about this new concept. I can’t wait to introduce you to the simplicity of using eBay to source for your Amazon business.”
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