Finally, a system that simplifies Amazon seller compliance issues

You are your own best guardian when it comes to your Amazon account health and your relationship with Amazon. We can help you be well equipped and sleep well at night knowing you have a secure account that’s in great standing with Amazon!

Scott Margolius, author of Amazon Plans of Action is arguably one of the most experienced Amazon account health experts on the planet. We were able to partner with Scott and Larry Pruett, one of our seasoned Amazon coaches, to create a complete system for controlling the health issues of your Amazon account. Our system will enable you to prevent the obstacles you could face in your business and you will learn how to overcome any compliance challenges that come your way.

As part of this training, Scott and Larry will give you a thorough tour of the Account health dashboard and will also teach you about the powerful features that make your life easier. These are the features of the dashboard that you likely don’t even know exist!

We will get specific and provide tasks that you can turn into SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) for training purposes so you have the option to handle the maintenance of your account yourself or hire someone to monitor the key aspects for you.

Maintaining optimum account health with Amazon is the best security and insurance you can provide your online selling business!

Scott Margolius

Scott is an industry leading expert on the topic of Amazon account compliance and health. He’s the go to expert trusted by our entire leadership team.

Larry Pruett

Larry is a leading coach on our team with a heart of gold and a vast array of Amazon selling experience.

This is a unique opportunity to really get under the hood with true experts and give your entire business the protection it needs so you can rest easy knowing you are in control of your account health.

Sessions Included:

In this 6 week training you will also learn how to properly manage or resolve both the important big issues and the little pesky challenges such as:

So many sellers place Account Health as a low priority item in their business activities. This is a HUGE mistake, not only because Account Health issues are inevitable for almost every seller, but also because THE HUGE PROFITS MOST AMAZON SELLERS DREAM OF ARE NOT POSSIBLE WITHOUT LASTING ACCOUNT HEALTH. Profits and growth are intrinsically linked to the topics Scott discusses in this training. If you want to grow your business, this training will be a vital asset.


I just wanted to take a second to say some good things about Scott Margolius and this community.

I got an IP complaint a few  weeks ago and was using an attorney to help with the appeal. After a couple failed attempts, I purchased Scott’s book. This book helped me realize a few mistakes I made on the first 2 attempts (and the experienced Amazon attorney made). I knew right away what I needed to do for my 3rd appeal. I submitted my 3rd appeal and it was successful. I couldn’t have done it without Scott Margolius and this community.

Ryan ● Oklahoma

I can’t say enough about the amazing service I just received. As a relatively new seller, I was hit hard by two negative feedbacks which they were able to resolve immediately. I found them to be very genuine, attentive and helpful beyond anything that I expected. A very smooth job. Thanks!

Suzanne ● Delaware

I’ve been selling for a while now on a few platforms and still took away a ton of information from this (e-book). Scott truly hit a home run with this one!

Ken ● New Jersey

I had a situation where Amazon removed my listing and told me I could no longer list for a specific ASIN. It was due to a customer complaint. Scott helped me craft a response to the actual customer (which worked to get the negative removed). THEN, he helped me appeal the decision and get reinstated to sell under that listing. I was sweating bullets because I had a LOT invested in that one sku. I was back in action in short order. WELL worth reaching out to Scott for help!

Wade ● New Jersey

Unbelievable! Amazon removed BOTH negative feedbacks OMG! The one they said, “Buyer has left the feedback as a product review hence, I removed it.” Both gone and I’m 100% again = WHEW!!! I owe you for the second one so let me know what I need to do for payment and I will do it. You really helped me and I’m so grateful.
Laura ● Georga
I feel like I hired an expert Amazon Business Consultant! Is there a certification program for that?!?!
Roger ● Georga
Amazon Plans of Action

We recommend you purchase Scott’s book, Amazon Plans of Actions: Proven Tactics for Winning Appeals, before taking the course. It is not required, but will help tie everything together we will be sharing with you.

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