Take the Guesswork Out of Shopping for Toys to Sell this Season
with the Original Holiday Toy Guide for 2016

You Are Just Seconds Away From Discovering Hot Toy Secrets that will Help You Make Money Selling Toys on Amazon and eBay This Christmas Season!

That’s right! Learn what toys are selling online and how you can get a piece of the profits!

We will be sharing tips and tricks to help you get the most in the moment as you sell during the Holiday season.

  • Where do you start?
  • How do you know what to buy?
  • Where do you find these items?

With the Holiday Toy Guide, you don’t have to guess!

We are pouring in hundreds of HOURS to research the toys that are expected to be HOT this year… for YOU. Now, you can spend your precious time pouring into buying inventory and getting it sent in to sell.

While the other guy is putting in loads of hours researching toys, you’ll be ahead of the game because we are doing it for you. Instead of spending hours at your computer searching for deals and hot auctions you could already be building your toy inventory and making money.

We are committed to helping you succeed and make the 2016 Q4 the best one yet!

Don’t miss a great opportunity!

When the holidays come, a strange thing happens to parents and grandparents… They absolutely go crazy with what they are willing to pay to get their hands on THE TOY their little one desires. When the items become harder to find at the stores, they turn to Amazon and eBay – often even before they hit other online retailers.

The way to make high profits this holiday season is to know what toys are expected to be the most popular – and watch Amazon and eBay to see when they start selling for above retail… and they will! Did you miss out on the TMX Elmo craze… or ZhuZhu Pets… or Frozen in previous years?

It may not be Elmo… but, make no mistake.
There is always a toy that is THE toy to be had – and this year is no exception.

Are you prepared for Q4?
Don’t think it’s too late – NOW is the time!

The Original Holiday Toy Guide has been updated for 2016 and is the perfect springboard for your most profitable holiday season yet. In fact – you don’t have to go this alone. I am prepared to walk with you along the way!

The whole point of the Holiday Toy Guide is to provide you with research and training you need to grow beyond your expectations this holiday season!

We’ve been doing this a long time – and we'll be the first to tell you that research takes time. In fact, this is why there has been such a big movement to outsource research.

It’s necessary, but can suck your time dry… and if you know what to sell but don’t have time to buy or list it – what’s the point, right?

Outsource your research this Q4 and let someone else do it for you!

This is What the Original Holiday Toy Guide is All About…

  • Spells out what toys are expected to be popular this year and have massive advertising dollars behind them
  • Learn how to determine trends for the holidays this year and how you can use trends to find inventory
  • Teaches you how sales rank and history can be different for Q4 on Amazon
  • Learn how each toy listed in the guide is performing on Amazon and eBay compared to retail
  • Reveals tips and strategies for finding the hottest toys at the best prices
  • Gives you pages of tips for listing your item to ensure the highest selling price
  • Teaches you how to differentiate yourself from the competition
  • Compares Fulfilled by Amazon vs. Merchant Fulfilled vs. Multi-Channel Fulfillment
  • Lays out strategies for working with stores to build inventory
  • Teaches you how to use the Hot Toy Hit List as a springboard for finding even more hot toys

cockrum-03Jenni is the leader in Holiday Toy sourcing and selling.

hunt-jenni-001Hi, I’m Jenni Hunt – publisher of the Original Holiday Toy Guide for over TEN years.

The key to making the most profit during this crazy-hot season, is to research – knowing what toys are selling.

Q4 is a crazy time. So much is going on, it can be hard to soak it all in, learn, and apply strategies. The 2016 Holiday Toy Guide is designed to help make that process easier.

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The "Hot Toy List" is to be released in early October

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