with Danny Stock & Ryan Reger


FACT: where there is a price and location discrepancy in the market, there will always be "arbitrage" opportunities.

Online sellers are in the best position to capitalize on these discrepancies and provide a valuable service to shoppers all over the world.


with Danny Stock & Ryan Reger


FACT: where there is a price and location discrepancy in the market, there will always be "arbitrage" opportunities.

Online sellers are in the best position to capitalize on these discrepancies and provide a valuable service to shoppers all over the world.


with Danny Stock & Ryan Reger


FACT: where there is a price and location discrepancy in the market, there will always be "arbitrage" opportunities.

Online sellers are in the best position to capitalize on these discrepancies and provide a valuable service to shoppers all over the world.

Training Webinar

Retail Arbitrage The Easy Way

While some fear retail arbitrage is dying, others are building hugely successful AND WILDLY PROFITABLE RA businesses...

...but HOW do you do it when RA requires time to scout for products in multiple stores, searching aisle after aisle to find a handful of profitable products?

We've solved this problem by forming the Legends Group

Through private Facebook and WhatsApp groups you will gain access to very successful Amazon sellers who are willing to share their strategies as well as answer all your questions. Think of it as your personal Amazon Support Group.

Since joining the Legends group many members have doubled or even tripled their sales and have been able to quit their jobs to work full time in their business. The testimonials are incredible and we’d love for you to be the next testimonial.

Imagine being able...

  • To walk into a store and within minutes have hundreds of dollars worth of profitable items
  • No longer spending hours in a store and finding nothing
  • No more aimless scanning of product after product, but rather having an actual retail arbitrage strategy

$365,000 per Year, Part Time!

Danny Stock is an Army veteran with a full-time job, wife and two little girls. He doesn't have time to drive all over town sourcing products. So, he came up with a system that allowed him to take advantage of what time he did have - his lunch breaks!

Using his system, Danny sold over $365,000 last year... in RA products! Yes, you read that right, $1,000 per day on average. And, remember, that's PART TIME!

In the Legends Group, Danny shares how he does this.


This is great!! I can’t believe how much I have been missing in Walmart just looking at clearance. This will help my business tremendously. Thank you Ryan and Danny for doing this!!!

- Dennis

Today as I was finishing up my last shipments before heading out on vacation on Friday, I began to think about how this group has changed my Amazon business for the better. The feeling like I can take a week off and my business still run with better sales numbers than I have ever had before outside of q4 is exciting. Everybody is and always be in a different place in their business and that is ok. Never in million years did I think that Walmart and Dollar Tree profits would be paying for my bills every month.

- Kelly

This group is awesome, I have learned more the last few days than the last 5 months. I greatly appreciate it Danny and Ryan.

- Daniel

Worth every penny. Thanks to you, Ryan and everyone else that keep the wheels turning.

- Chuck H

I have paid for plenty of courses and groups in the last few years I feel like there isn't much if anything held back here and I challenge you to find any place where your questions will get answered as quickly as they do here. Most of the ideas here are fresh new cutting edge. I believe if I would have found this group or if it had existed a few years ago my business would be in a very different place.

- William D.

I'm so happy to have found this group, we're all at different places in our businesses and mine is growing because of what I have learned from the group. The biggest vaule is the caring dedicated leadership and the many caring more experienced members of this group. Always willing to help when you're down or in a moment of uncertainty
Thanks for all of your help

- Michael M.

For me, Legends is an investment in my business. The knowledge and resources available to to grow my business is well worth the cost. If you ask someone if they would invest $200 to make $1000 or more (to start) who would say no? I'd do that all day long.

- Jen D.

Awesome group! I can see big things in my business being part of this group. Keep up the great work.

                          - Faisal R.

Before this group, I was getting so frustrated with RA that I didn’t even want to include it in my business model anymore! My $/hour was so low and I would always find myself in a race to the bottom as soon as the items went live. Now, RA is fun again! I can walk into a store and spend $400 (I know not to Danny’s level) in just an hour or two! Danny and everyone who helps and participates is so awesome words can’t describe! Best Training/Coaching/Mentoring Ever!!!

- John

I have to say, just the 2 walk thru videos, that I have watch have changed how I walk into a store. My eyes have been opened.  I can't thank you enough!

- Deanna

I have been in other Whatsapp groups and this is by far the best

- Kevin

Danny (and the entire team) I appreciate how you serve with excellence! I've paid 5x the price for other programs and rarely heard from the leaders. You are ALWAYS willing & ready to help! I started this AMZ journey on Oct 13, 2017 and since then I've had over $40,000 in sales and I'm just gettin' started!!

I sold out of all my Valentine's Day bundles and I know see possibilities EVERYWHERE when it comes to bundles.

I've just tested my first PL and it opened the doors for a speaking opportunity.

I created a Merch product that's been picked up to be featured at an upcoming Education conference (I'm a former principal).

This group and all the teaching has helped me LEAP and I'm enjoying the flight!

- LaKena H.

I’ve been with Danny since he started this journey. It just keeps getting better. I love the prep center has totally changed my sourcing. And Grace is fantastic to work with when you are ready to try sourcing from China. I don’t plan to ever leave.

-  Joan S.

Never question my investment. When i see the money withdraw from my bank account each month I pause and say thank you. There is more content here than I will ever need or use

- Andrea B.

This group is way better than all the past groups I was in! Danny cares and teaches real stuff.

- Heidi S.

I can’t put into words how excited I am and especially blessed to be in this group!!

- Kathy

Danny's video was magic!

- Greg

I’ve been in probably 8 paid groups this year and Danny and Ryan’s is hands down the best one ever.

- Lisa

I sincerely appreciate these sessions. I have learned so much in the last month. Thank you for exceeding the expectations and giving us the tools.

- Jenny

This is fantastic! Thanks Danny and team! Perfect timing as I just got un-gated in grocery today.

- Sarah

For sure worth the money. The amount of knowledge, experience, and techniques that you guys share are invaluable. The learning curve is greatly reduced in so many different ways and platforms. I appreciate both Ryan and Danny keep beating the drum; take one thing at a time, learn it well, outsource and move on. There is so much information that it easily gets overwhelming but is awesome because you can take it so many different directions!

- Justin F

II've been blown away since day 1 (Dec 2017) as to the value that Danny, Ryan, Pauline, Mike and the original 'veteran's ' continue to add to this group. I have spent tons of money in the past just to enhance my understanding of one small fraction of what's already part of the Legends 'buffet' . Yes it's crazy to absorb all the info contained all at once....but Danny and Ryan have mentioned this many times before....pick one area that interests you and get that one scaled how you like and then move on to something different. And of course outsource outsource outsource....no one person can do all this alone....you need to build your team so you can step back and build your vision. The amount of info shared in this group is hands down the best I've seen. And the amount of content and opportunity at present and the connections I've made so far is more than I could wish for at 10 times the price.....and every week just seems to get better. Needless to say I'm truly blessed to be part of this family and am also here to contribute and help in anyway I can for those who need guidance.

                                        - Brandon B.

Best group ever!

- Jimmy S.

Success stories of those using our strategies the past few weeks

After the phenomenal success of so many in our fourth quarter Sourcing groups, I was thrilled when Ryan and Danny agreed to continue their sourcing strategy training year round. This is an investment that will pay for itself many times over if you follow the simple action steps they provide you in this group.

- Jim Cockrum
Founder of PAC

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What You Get As A Legends Member

  • Access to Danny’s Finds and Finds from other members
  • Membership in our Private Facebook group
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  • Exclusive In-Store Live Sourcing Videos
  • Additional Online Selling Training Webinars
  • Access to Legends Live Conferences
  • Discounts to Danny’s Prep and Ship Center
  • Access to whatever cool ideas Danny comes up with!

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