The same team that brought you the Proven Amazon Course, now offers Proven Account Management!

After getting back over $20,000 so far in reimbursements (in just 1 month) for a handful of beta testers, we’ve now decided it’s your turn!

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Watch this video for an in-depth overview of all the benefits of our new PAM program.

So the question now is, which Tier is right for you?

Tier 1 Includes

You get it all, the total back-office package:

  • Restock – Hide Recommendations 
  • Reimbursements
  • Manage FBA Returns
  • Review FBA Shipments
  • Campaign Manager (Auto Campaigns)
  • Seller Negative Feedback
  • Pricing Errors (notices to inbox pricing errors exists)
  • Fix Suppressed Listings
  • Expired Listings
  • Listing Enhancement
  • Destroyed Items
  • Fix Stranded Items
  • Aged Inventory (report ran monthly)
  • Delete Inactive Listings/Listings with No Inventory
  • Performance Review and Complaint Notices 
  • Max Order Quantity Adjustment 

* Email or other access needed *

  • IP Receipt Retrieval/Prep
  • Manage Returns
  • Receipt Location, Retrieval, Submission
  • Source Site Research

Tier 2 Includes

Reimbursements and then some:

  • Restock – Hide Recommendations 
  • Reimbursements
  • Manage FBA Returns
  • Review FBA Shipments
  • Seller Negative Feedback
  • Fix Stranded Items
  • Aged Inventory (report ran monthly)
  • Max Order Quantity Adjustment 

Tier 3 Includes

Reimbursements are the name of the game:

  • Reimbursement Package 
  • Warehouse Damaged Items
  • Distributor Damaged Items
  • Missing Items/Shipment Reconciliations


"I just wanted to write a review regarding the Proven Account Health VA program that I have been using through Kyle Curtis. My VA has been amazing. I know that all of them are new to this job and are learning but I feel that she is very well trained. She speaks great English and there are no communication problems even though she is not from the US. I am not very good at IT issues and she has gone out of her way to help me to get her the things that she needs. She has definitely been a hand holder when I needed one and I appreciate that so much. She always checks with me before doing anything that she feels I need to know about and has already gotten me back $300 in reimbursements within the first two weeks. There are not enough good things I can say about this program. It has been so nice for me to have them take so much off of my plate and now it has freed me up to do much more with my business. Keep up the good works Proven VA's!"

Allison M.

"Amazon Services are a dime a dozen, and there's never any shortage of businesess who want to take your money, all whie promising you the world. Whether is a prep center that loses your product, a leads list that only sources from Walmart, or an account health service that promises the world (but neer delivers), we've all been a victim of the "newest and greatest" Amazon services that just aren't worth it. But every once and a while, a service comes along that IS worth the money. That was my experience with Proven Account Management. In the first 30 days of signing up, they have found over $6000 in remimbursements for my Amazon business. That's on top of them deleting inactive listings, alerting me to account health issues, fixing stranded inventory, and a TON of other small tasks that I never want to handle. We run a $4 million Amazon business, and there's no one else I trust to handle our account. Highly recommend."

Edward H.

"Pam has been nothing short of Awesome. Having someone stay on top of the little things adds up to a HUGE value (over $3k remimbursed in 1 month). Suppressed inventory, shipment reconciliation, health issues, review disputes would all take hours a week to do. Now I can leave it to Pam to only have more time to source but more importantly have time with my family. Thank you Kyle! "

Rya K.

Fill out the below questionnaire if you are potentially interested in this service and we will contact you to discuss which Tier is a perfect fit for your business.

If you have any questions for the Proven Account Management Team (PAM), email us or set an appointment on our calendar.