Pinterest Traffic Bootcamp
(For Amazon Sellers)

Start driving in more traffic and leads organically from Pinterest in just 4 weeks WITHOUT having to spend thousands of dollars testing ads first.

In fact, everything you do in this workshop requires zero paid tools.

This is for you if...

  • You'd like more TRAFFIC! This means more visitors to your Amazon listings (Private label, Wholesale, RA/OA, Replens etc.), your shopify site, ANY websites, or online products!
  • You see the appeal of a zero cost stream of traffic from a wildly popular website that gets tens of millions of visitors monthly! (Pinterest!)

Learn some of the secrets I have used to:

  • Increase traffic organically by 958% in 30 days for a European fashion brand with the help of Pinterest viral pins
  • Increase traffic organically by 201% in 30 days for a beauty brand using Pinterest
  • Increase traffic organically by 145% in 30 days for a B2B professional blogger and influencer
  • Increase traffic organically by 246% in 30 days for an online store with products for men
  • Increase traffic organically by 159% in 30 days for a health company
  • Increase monthly viewers from 7 million to 10+ million for a large fashion brand after overhauling their entire account

Why Use Pinterest?

Pinterest is a robust visual search engine (much like Google) with millions of people looking to discover new brands and products every month.

Pinterest results in 6 months with a fashion brand:

  • 94% increase in traffic
  • 46% increase in add to carts
  • 44% increase in checkouts
  • 34% increase in transactions
  • 25% increase in order quantity
  • 25% increase in revenue

Use Pinterest to help your business:

  • Build bigger brand awareness.
  • Learn your audience.
  • Build your audience.
  • Multiply your email list.
  • Target the right audience.
  • Become more independent.
  • Develop or source more products that people actually want. Know exactly how to sell and market your products outside of Amazon.
  • Drive traffic wherever you want it to go...but just don’t give it all away to everyone else. Use it to benefit your business first.

Meet the Creator of Pinterest Traffic Bootcamp

Teresa Rose

Teresa Rose is the owner and founder of Pin Traffic Power. She is an ecommerce business owner, online business coach, and entrepreneur.

Before starting her journey blogging, selling digital and physical products across multiple marketplaces including eBay, Etsy, Amazon, print-on-demand sites, and in her own Shopify store, she taught for 16 years in both public and private sectors. Teresa holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in music education.

A few years ago, she realized people were sharing her website content on a platform called Pinterest. She began exploring Pinterest more seriously and the incredible potential it has for all business owners.

She nows teaches all types of businesses on how to market their brands effectively on Pinterest through courses, consulting, coaching, and speaking events.


Week 1

Understand how people use Pinterest while getting your Pinterest business account up and running quickly.


Week 2

Train the search engine to learn your account by developing a quick and easy board strategy. 


Week 3

Move away from your competition by optimizing your profile, boards, and pins using a simple keyword strategy (no paid tools required).


Week 4

Discover how to create high-converting pins fast using free tools you probably already own and develop reusable pin templates.


Loving this course. Lots of great nuggets. - Chris T.

The whole concept of fast pins is brilliant and definitely working for me. I hit lucky with one of my irst ones and it has now brought 1.5k new hits to my website. I am pressing on creating more fast pins and not concentrating on overanalyzing everything for now. I realize there is a lot more for me to learn about Pinterest strategy. Thank you for the time you are taking to research, test and share all your knowledge. - Elinor F.

I was very impressed when I first met Teresa at 2017 CES Conference. When I was taking Teresa's course, Teresa completely decoded how to make the best use of Pinterest for your online or offline business and your success is her course's best interest. I got motivated to set up my Shopify store and take steps to set my business Pinterest account the right way because I believe I'll get real organic traffic that are relevant to what I'll be promoting. - Li Li

Awesome Course. Worth every penny. Still learning how Pinterest works and how it can help my business grow. Thanks Teresa! - Carlo C.

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Training Starts April 5, 2021

  • Week 1: 4/05 & 4/08 at 7pm CST
  • Week 2: 4/12 & 4/15 at 7pm CST
  • Week 3: 4/19 & 4/22 at 7pm CST
  • Week 4: 4/26 & 4/29 at 7pm CST

Everything will be recorded so if you miss a LIVE class you'll still be able to watch it at your convenience!

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