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We’ve taught 1,000s of students how to build amazing businesses on Amazon with our ProvenAmazonCourse strategies, and we’ve noticed that many students do the “PREP” work for their shipments themselves. If that’s you, we have the exact instructions you’ve been looking for to streamline the process!

Prepping and Shipping your FBA inventory to Amazon can be a pain. For many of our students, it is the most difficult part of the business (which is why so many prep centers have sprung up), but still there are thousands of sellers who save money by doing their own prep from home and we love to see it! If that’s you, this course is for you!

While we’ve taught many students how to FIND profitable inventory, up until now we’ve spent very little time showing you how to get all the different types of inventory you’ll encounter sent into Amazon in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

In this course, Pablo Aguilar and Jimmy Smith are showing you the exact systems required to make the basic prep & ship processes as streamlined, cost effective and efficient as possible!

This not only helps you to make the process better but it also helps you to have more time for sourcing new products, trying new streams of income, or spending more time with your family!

Additionally, many of the principles discussed will help you to grow into bigger spaces outside of your home if that is your goal. It is specifically about setting up your prep and ship process for success – no matter where you are at in your Amazon business.

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Your "PROVEN PREP & SHIP" Training Sessions Will Include the Following:

  1. A complete run through
    1. Shopping – use buy list from Replen Dashboard
    2. Prepping – importing list into IL, use a Prep Guide
    3. Packing – demonstrate wireless scanner in IL
    4. Shipping – talk about UPS Store drops and UPS pickups 
    5. Q&A
  2. Hands on Prepping
    1. Finding the right polybag or box
    2. Creating a Prep Guide
      1. Binder Type
      2. Spreadsheet Type
      3. Software Type
    3. Simple polybag items – singles, 2 or 3 packs, plastic or box containers, no glass
    4. Complex polybag items – multipacks, plastic bottles that require seals
    5. Simple box items – plastic containers that need more protection
    6. Complex box and bubble wrap items – glass containers, fragile items, cans
    7. Three feet drop tests 
    8. Q&A
  3. Hands on Packing 
    1. Dimensional weight 
    2. IL and wireless scanner
    3. Order of items – what goes first and how we reach dimensional weight
    4. Hands on SC shipment process
    5. Q&A
  4. Home set-up
    1. Sample layout
    2. Tools needed and recommended 
    3. Labels
      1. This is a Set
      2. Ready to Ship
      3. Send in AMZ Box
      4. Fragile/Handle with Care
    4. Building a work station
    5. Q&A
  5. Other Issues
    1. Supplies reorder form
    2. Continuous improvement and the Lean Philosophy
    3. Resources and Links
    4. Q&A
  6. Bonus Session
    1. Cleanup topics
    2. Extended Q&A
    3. Could be a few weeks after the course launch

Pablo Aguilar

Pablo Aguilar is a music teacher with degrees in Music and Computer Science. Before relocating to Texas in 2005, he worked as a Software Developer for companies such as NCR and AOL in California. He started his Amazon venture in 2018 and after two years of trial and error he finally got into the right track when he found the My Silent Team group and the Proven Amazon Course. He’s happily married and has a daughter and a son, ages 21 and 18 respectably. He hopes this course may help anyone starting on Amazon be a stepping stone in your success.

Jimmy Smith

With over 100,000 products sold online, multiple 7-figures in revenue sold on Amazon, and thousands of successful students, Jimmy Smith is one of the leading experts for selling on Amazon. Using the strategies Jimmy teaches, thousands of Amazon and online sellers have been able to create income streams in addition to their normal jobs and then turn that into a full-time income where they can work from home and be with their family.

 Proven Prep & Ship is FREE for and Coaching students!
Login to your SSM Learning Portal to find it on your dashboard.  Please contact [email protected] with questions.

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