How to Start Your Amazon Business This Week Especially If You're Inexperienced or Tight on Cash

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I think I've uncovered the lowest hanging fruit opportunity I've ever seen for anyone who wants to build a REAL business online.

For several years now, my team and I have PROVEN this system works.

We prove it every day with our numerous successful AMAZON REPLENS KICKSTART students! 

It’s true. We’ve helped hundreds of students who had zero prior experience launch successful businesses on Amazon with our unique step by step system that’s simply not taught anywhere else!

You can learn this exact system and also meet hundreds of our students from around the world whose lives have been changed by this Amazon selling system.

  • You’re probably aware that Amazon has created more millionaires than any company in world history.
  • You’re probably also aware that nearly half of all ecommerce activity every day online is on

I’ll bet you DIDN’T know however that Amazon struggles to keep adequate inventory on countless products that they’d like to have well stocked for their rapidly expanding customer base!

We’ve developed a system for helping to fill all that “underserved shelf space” found at ALL of Amazon’s hundreds of warehouses – and we are teaching this highly profitable system to numerous people for the small cost of a course. And get this – you also get live instruction as well in a small group of your fellow newbie students with a highly experienced coach from our team!

You might ask yourself this:
Why are we teaching this particular strategy to new students as opposed to all the other interesting Amazon strategies that are available?

Here’s why:
The Amazon Replens Kickstart system is the best legitimate opportunity that exists on for the little guy who happens to have little to no prior Amazon selling experience or e-commerce success.

We wanted to find the:

  • Lowest learning curve
  • Lowest required investment
  • Highest odds of success model

And we’ve found it – and we have numerous thriving students (who you’ll soon meet!)

If you had the chance to get into this AMAZON REPLENS KICKSTART group, meet hundreds of everyday people like you and me who are using to build beautiful businesses, get into a small group for coaching instruction one-on-one and do it all for just a few dollars, would you?

If so, here’s what I’ve got for you:

For the first time ever my team and I have combined the most potent step-by-step training modules we’ve ever produced from our team of highly accomplished Amazon selling experts and we’ve put them all together as a TRAINING BUNDLE that you can buy once and keep forever.


Others have paid thousands and attended live conferences for this exact step by step system.

Hundreds have used this same instruction to grow the businesses of their dreams and you’ll soon meet these people and spend time with a coach on our team who will help you get started step by step.


Here's what you get:

Amazon Selling 101

In this step-by-step guide of 21 videos, Brian & Robin Olson walk you through starting and building your business right on Amazon! Sells elsewhere for $297.

Replens Course 2.0

In this step by step series Jimmy Smith teaches you what replens are and he walks you through finding, identifying and buying replenishable products to build your replens business! Sells elsewhere for $397.

Advanced Sourcing Using Keepa

This video training series reveals numerous new levers, dials and switches that Amazon sellers can use as-is or stack together in sequence to get super creative with their REPLENS sourcing process. Sells elsewhere for $297.

Ignore the Buy Box

In this training series, Jim Cockrum teaches how to stop obsessing over the Buy Box and learn how to confidently find products that will sell well for you above the price point of other sellers. Sells elsewhere for $97.

Amazon Kickstart Bootcamp

If you’d like small group attention and expert guidance to make your first sale and find replenishable products, this is for you!  Includes: Small, intimate Facebook group, 30-days of bite-sized content so you know exactly what you have to do every day for the next 30 days, The Seller Diagnostic Tool, & Weekly recorded calls that you can review later. Sells elsewhere for $97.


Call With a Consultant

A one-on-one phone or zoom session with a highly experienced member from my team or me (Jim Cockrum) – to answer all your questions and get you on the right track by making sure you take full advantage of the AMAZON REPLENS KICKSTART BUNDLE$497 Value


ONLY $1499


ONLY $99 !


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One time payment
Instant, full, permanent access
Learn step-by-step online at your own pace

Our goal is to make our customers happy, so we back that up with our simple refund policy. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, just contact us within 30 days and we will offer a full refund or credit – your choice! Have questions or concerns? We are happy to help. Contact us at: [email protected]

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