A Proven Roadmap From $0 To $100K Per Month In Amazon Sales

Jimmy Smith started selling on Amazon in December of 2015 and by 2017 he was doing a very healthy $8,000 in sales per month, but then something huge happened…

He discovered REPLENS! Since discovering and creating his “replens” strategy, sales have exploded to a whopping $100,000 per month at great margins! Better yet, he’s shown a BUNCH of other people in our community how to do the same thing and it’s WORKING!

He is not chasing clearance items or “onesie -twosie” items any longer. Now  he uses a strategy that allows him and his hourly paid shoppers to buy the same items repeatedly from the same simple shopping lists. He refers to these items as “replens”.

Recently these strategies were shared via seven insightful live webinars in front of about 1,000 of our students (who paid a lot more than you will!) and the feedback and results were incredible. Those webinars were recorded and now you have access to the full, unfiltered videos at a special price for a limited time.

Those who accept this offer will have the option to interact with Jimmy and our leadership team in a private facebook group and ask questions as we learn and build our replen businesses together.

Here's What You'll Learn

Success stories from those who have already taken this course:

“This course has helped me move forward and take action by giving me detailed step by step instructions to follow. The encouragement to keep going and the vision of success, along with the manual and support to enable me to actually complete the tasks has been the key for me. Thank you all so much! Jimmy, you did a stupendous job on this course.”

– Jennifer S.

“This replen course has helped me build a much more stable and predictable business. Jimmy does a great job of laying out exactly what he does (including live examples and screen shots) and nothing is held back. I was struggling to find good replens until this course spelled everything out. I highly recommend it.”

– Lisa L.

“This is an amazing course. You won’t find this type of detail in other training programs. It is concise, and filled with plenty of examples on how find the exact products you need to build a sustainable business.”

– David J.

“The $0-$100K in Replens course is changing the game for my business. The detailed explanations about how to source for replens and the practice keepa quizzes have made a difference. This is a great course.”

– April M.

“This course has been awesome! I had already started trying to build a foundation of replens at the first of the year, but this class helped me take it into overdrive! And it doesn’t matter if you are a veteran seller that is looking for extra help or a newbie that wants a solid foundation to start your business, Jimmy and Ryan explain the process in easy to understand steps that make you want to go out and hunt for gold! I can’t recommend this course enough!!”

– Michelle H.

“I can’t say enough about the Replens Course. It has been the best course I have taken. The guidance put me on track and my business took off. Week by week instruction on how to research, assess replens, implement a plan and evaluate data has made my business take off more than 300 % in one month – all doing this with a full time job and as a single parent. I will continue to grow. The confidence and optimism has changed my outlook in so many areas of my life. Thank you so much!!!”

– Stacey S.

“44 replens in two days. Amazing what happens when you put in the time. Also this week marks week 4 of having someone doing prep. Thanks Jimmy Smith for laying out how you trained employees and doing this course. It encouraged us to stabilize our business and make it a business where we weren’t doing everything.”

– Jared G.

“Jimmy’s course could not be more spot on and comprehensive for any level of an Amazon Seller. From starting the course at the beginning till the end we have went from 6 replens just from our own sourcing to over 45 from following Jimmy’s course. We have now a stable foundation of replens that has consistently given us sales of $100-$250 days, yes may not seem much but as we continue to scale more and more from what the course has taught us we know higher daily sales will only follow as our business grows. We could not thank Jimmy enough for this course and knowledge, detail, and easy to use actionable items given has given our business a significant and we believe long lasting foundation.”

– William O.

“Best Course I have done so far! Jimmy has a great way of explaining things, really got me started on building a replen business!”

– June B.

“A great course by very caring people. Defiantly helping me grow my business.”

– Carol W.

“Here is my honest experience with the $0 to $100k in Replens course. My wife and I were already selling on Amazon for 7 months prior to starting this course. We went through PAC(Proven Amazon Course) excellent by the way, and were already doing about $4000/monthly in sales. But since doing the $0 to $100k in Replens, we’ve seen our sales climbing exponentially, and I now see a blueprint from the course how we can get to 100k/monthly. Jimmy and Ryan the moderator held nothing back and at one point, even my wife said, “I hope he doesn’t blow up our spot”. Finally I get it how to read Keepa properly, source from home by just taking pictures of store isles and so much more. Many useful Google sheets and templates were also shared with us which I’m now using daily in my business. If you’re just starting your Amazon FBA journey and looking for a blueprint for a full time business, this is the content to invest in.”

– Clive H.

“First, Jimmy did a great job delivering so much information for so many sellers at different levels in there business. We are still pretty new sellers, selling since March 2018. At the beginning of this year we averaged roughly $7k/ month in sales. Since going through the course and working hard to apply the principles taught, we have seen our sales grow to around $11-12k/ month. We can see the potential for growth but at the same time we are also learning how to better manage our business. This is thanks to Jimmy for providing several Google docs with formulas already in place, so you just plug in your actual numbers. Jimmy and Ryan, thank you for an awesome course and we look forward to using this as a guideline while we continue to scale our business!!”

– John L.

“This course has pushed my business to 5,000. A month and beyond before his course I was stuck at 2,000. A month and replens are much easier for me to find and im growing so fast now that I will soon need to hire a helper.”

– Frances K.

“Jimmy and Ryan did an awesome job on this training course! The material is priceless and a course that no matter where you are in your business there is something for everyone. I have listened to this course two times and working on my third and every time I listen, I learn another tip that I can use. I spent a lot of money on other courses and this one is my favorite. The PAC and “$0 to $100k in Replens” could easily be packaged as a Entrepreneurial college program. Thank you.”

– Susie E.

“Jimmy is a natural born teacher. He is very easy going but extremely thorough. He did a great job in teaching us how to look for replens and what to do to scale our businesses when the need arises. But my greatest take away was his attitude toward his business. He puts his heart and soul into it and relentlessly looks for those gems (replens) until he finds them. This is the attitude of a millionaire and that is the best part of the course to emulate. Thank you for setting such a great standard for all of us. I know that only good things are in your future and you both deserve it.”

– Helen S.

“This replens course has scaled my business tremendously. I started with $36 sold in the last 30 days to making nearly $5000. Attitude and Effort go a long way. I am still growing using the tools that were given to us that we learned in the course. My goal is $10k for my first milestone so I’m pretty excited that I am halfway there. If your struggling or stagnant with your business or you just new to Amazon, I highly recommend starting with the $0 to $100K replens course to build a foundation.”

– Gregorio W.

“This is the best course I have ever taken. At the completion of this course I reached my one year anniversary of selling on Amazon. August will be the best month we ever had while selling in Amazon. Our sales in August will be 90% replens. We have dreams of running our ecommerce business full time and this class literally shows you step by step on how to achieve that goal. Thank you for your guidance!”

– Derek S.

“Thank you Jimmy Smith for this great course. I have heard people talking about finding regular price items as replens, but never thought it is actually possible. I now have a clearer direction on how to scale RA. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to scale RA fast. Many thanks again!!”

– Yan Z.

Jimmy Smith started selling on Amazon in December of 2015. He was able to quit his full time job in 2018 and now he enjoys the freedom of working on scaling his business. He has  grown his sales to over $100,000 per month in Retail and Online Arbitrage replenishable products. This replens strategy has allowed him to be able to consistently sell thousands of units of products per month on Amazon through the arbitrage business model.

Jim Cockrum

It’s such an incredible feeling to see students enter our community, learn from our coaching or courses and succeed. It’s ever more mindblowing when they creatively improve on our strategies and come up with more ways and better ways to do what we teach! That’s the story of Jimmy! I’m thrilled to partner up with him on this PROVEN “replens” strategy and I know you’ll be blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness of this approach to Amazon selling success!

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To Over 12 Hours of Content-Packed Training in the Replens Course

Only $397

GREAT NEWS: While this course is no longer sold as a stand alone course, you can now get it for a smaller investment! We’ve lowered the price tag to learn REPLENS, and we now include the full REPLEN course inside the ProvenAmazonCourse.com collection of Amazon training modules! Please visit ProvenAmazonCourse.com for purchase details- you’ll pay far less this way, and you’ll get everything you need in one place!


Q. Will this be saturated at some point or is heading in that direction?

A. Quite the opposite really. We’ve barely begun to grasp the full scope of this strategy. We believe ten thousand sellers could do this and we’d barely move the needle of “saturation”.

Q. Does this involve scanning barcodes in stores looking for ideas?

A. No. While you will find some of your best ideas in retail stores, the replens strategy is about mining in the virtually unlimited world of unmet demand inside Amazon. There are millions of super high margin products for sale right now on Amazon with only one seller or no sellers – and we show you how to uncover them systematically. There are also many products not yet on Amazon that will sell very well and we show you how to find them.

Q. Is this international?

A. Yes!

Q. Do I need to have an Amazon seller account already in order to take advantage of this course?

A. Yes – if you don’t have a seller account yet, you’ll need to set one up first.

Q. Who can I contact with questions?

A. Contact our support team here: [email protected]

Our goal is to make our customers happy, so we back that up with our simple refund policy. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, just contact us within 30 days and we will offer a full refund or credit – your choice! Have questions or concerns? We are happy to help. Contact us at: [email protected]

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