Affiliate Information for RevSeller

To join the affiliate program, please view the below brief video and then use this simple 3–step process to get started:

1. Sign up for Nanacast here

2. Login to Nanacast here

   –Get your ID from the top right of that page, similarly located in this screenshot:

3. Insert your Nanacast ID into the input field below:

Nanacast ID

  • – Just Copy & Paste The Above Link

    Have questions? Contact me at JimCockrum(at)

    P.S. If you think you might qualify to be on my VIP notification list (typically this means you can prove you have a large and active mailing list or website in the IM niche) then please contact me for mutually beneficial arrangements! Be sure to ask about my aweber “VIP” mailing list when you do.

    Step–by–Step Video Instructions

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