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On-Page calculator for Amazon Sellers

See RevSeller in Action


Displays Below the Product Title on Amazon Product Detail Pages

“I’ve had the opportunity to use the Revseller extension now for the last week, and I have to say that I love it!

It saves me a significant amount of time by providing information on each amazon listing, right at the top of the page. It is nice seeing the rank and category, ASIN, weight, etc. Then there’s the extra data: net payout after amazon fees whether merchant fulfilled or FBA; the opportunity to plug in different prices and check to see what the net payout would be; and the rank percentage in the particular category. I also really like having the quick link to Camel, Camel, Camel.”

– Larry P.

“I wish I could give this thing 10 thumbs up.

Almost immediately, I found it to be as indispensable as my ***** extension. Love the way I can see immediately my return, as well as how many FBA sellers and MF sellers there are. And I love how I can enter my own numbers to see what happens if I sell for this or that price.

Amazing app!”

– Jean K.

“Excellent tool, does what is says and works very well, having access to the tools we all use on a regular basis to quality products to buy and resell. And I see they are updating the product as well, which is great support. Very good product!!”

– Doug R.

“The Rev Seller Chrome Extension is really cool. I love that is it very detailed. It gives the rank and even if there is not rank, it says N/A which is more than Amazon even tells us…

I really love that it can calculate the difference between FBA and MF profits after fees, as well as what percentage the ranking is! The fact that we can calculate shiping into the tool and it even takes us over to Camel Camel Camel and the Az calculator is amazing!!”

There is even a place to give feedback in this tool to improve their software even more. I am impressed so far! Their Customer Service is EXCELLENT! I had a slight problem (my own fault) and they got back to me right away, which is refreshing…”

– Patti M.


“Revseller is a huge timesaver and an integral part of my online arbitrage process. Great support makes this tool a no-brainer.”

– Gary B..

“I have thoroughly enjoyed having all that information at my fingertips as I’m searching for items as well as looking at my own inventory. I especially like having the flexibility to manipulate the selling price and my cost of goods to see how that affects my bottom line for that item.

Having the rank and the percentage right there helps me see which of my items are in the percentile I aim for. I found having the weight and size of the items at a quick glance was nice. I could check to be sure they are accurate as well as checking for oversized items when I’m viewing inventory I’m thinking about selling.”

I love having quick easy access to CamelCamelCamel at the top of the app. I find it helpful that it automatically connects to the item page so I don’t have to search for my item once I get there.” 

– Carolyn M.

“I have to say that I am impressed with Revseller. It saves a lot of time to have everything pop up as soon as you view the AZ detail page.”

– Allie

“Have a great day and thanks for an amazing extension. Your extension probably saves me 20 hours a week. Insanity.”

– Chris

“This is the tool that new sellers (as well as veterans) have needed for SO LONG! I can so see folks using it as they quickly look up items and knowing immediately if they should take a closer look or move on!!

If there is anything that is “wrong’ with the app it would be that it is greatly underpriced! Perhaps that just makes sure that more people can take advantage of it!!

Rev Seller has the potential to improve Amazon sellers sourcing big time. My advice…..Get It, use it and train everyone on your team how to make smart, fast, profitable purchases when they use it!”

– George T.

“I love it and tell everyone about it – best out there!”

– Joann

“This extension is amazing. It shows all of your data in one place making it extremely easy to make an informed decision on whether to purchase a product or not. It has a built in calculator and you can see how many sellers there are both MF and FBA and your ROI and profit margin. Love it!”

– Gayle T.

“This is my new favorite thing when working on my Amazon business!
It gives me all the information I need to make good buying and pricing decisions. I am such a non-technical person so need really to use tools and this one fits the bill perfectly!”

– Danni A.

“I love this app. Saves so much time when checking lists of products and comparing prices and ROI.”

– Steve W.

“RevSeller has become my go to Chrome extension for sourcing online. Being able to see sales rank, category and profitability at the top of each product page drastically cuts research time, and allows me to make quick, smart buying decisions. The Variation viewer functionality is something I have wished for for years. After only using it for 2 weeks, it would be impossible for me to source clothes and shoes without it any more. I’ve been able to increase my number of units purchased by 40% as I can quickly see which sizes/colors are winners, and which I should stay away from.”

– David H..

“Hi, I Love, Love, Love this product, it makes sourcing without it very scary thought, Thank you so much for creating this.” – Robin

“I do OA (online arbitrage) for at least 4-5 hours a day and RevSeller has really helped me increase the speed at which I can evaluate a product. I used to have to use 2 different web apps (one which required me to open a new page) to get the information RevSeller posts to the top of the page. I put a high value on my time, and any tool that will help me get the same results in less time is worth paying for.”

– Johnny K.

“Oh. My. Goodness! This new addition is AMAZING! I have loved using the extension “as-is”, but this has been HUGE for helping me analyze shoes and clothing variations. THANK YOU!!!”

– Susan

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Revseller replace Keepa and CamelCamelCamel?

RevSeller provides different benefits than Keepa and Camel and we love using both of those  services with RevSeller. Keepa and Camel both specialize in showing the price and sales rank changes over recent history. RevSeller focuses on helping people save time and source for products faster. Getting all the info automatically placed at the top of the page and the net proceeds/profit/ROI estimator save a lot of time. When you are on a page with variations like shoes or clothing, you can click the button and it will give you a list of variations with prices and offers for each including the out of stock variations. Some sellers use this to source Amazon to Amazon flips, or to look for out of stock/nearly out of stock variations.

How does RevSeller differ from Jungle Scout?

In my opinion Jungle Scout has several nice features when viewing a search results page on Amazon. RevSeller is really nice to have when viewing product detail pages. You don’t have to scroll and click nearly as much because RevSeller presents lots of helpful data directly on the Amazon product page. You save a lot of clicking and typing when trying to estimate fees and net profit because the estimator is right there on the page and updates almost immediately when you make a change. If you sell products with variations like shoes and clothing, the Variation Viewer button shows prices and offers that might take 100’s of clicks to get that same data by clicking on each variation. So, RevSeller is really nice to have when you are viewing an Amazon product detail page.

What does the Google Chrome Extension do?

The purpose of this extension is to help you make faster and more informed product decisions using our Product Calculator Estimates and the information we make easily available on the page. While we strive for accuracy, sometimes there is not enough data available for an exact estimate of fees or other data. We encourage you to check the data with Amazon’s calculator or in the manage inventory page fee estimates before making product decisions.

Who can use this extension?

In order to use this product, you must have a Professional Selling Account with Individual selling accounts do not get access to the data required.

Why do I need to add my MWS API information?
The extension provides so many features because we are able to access the Amazon MWS Product data. Amazon places access limits per seller to the Amazon API, so if all our users would use the same API credentials, we would start experiencing delays as our community grows.
MWS (API) access is required upon setting up the extension, so you must have a Professional Selling plan with Amazon.
What API data do you access with my MWS API credentials?

We only call product information for the page you are currently visiting, and do not request any seller-specific data.

How accurate are the net proceeds estimates?
Services that use the Amazon API to estimate fees can estimate fees accurately for a large portion of products, but they also all have limitations on accuracy because of limited data from the Amazon API. We have worked hard to create accurate estimates, and encourage you to check with Amazon Calculator or other Amazon sources before making decisions.
Can my VA use the extension also?
Yes! If you have one or more VAs working directly for you and your selling account, they can use your RevSeller account to use the extension as well. After you have signed up, your VA can login to with your login and then go to “My Account” and “Download Extension.”

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