Safe Book Profits

The Simple, Safe, and Quick Method To Flip Books… and Make 500% ROI or More


The Book Flipping Strategy we stumbled upon and made $3,421.58 in two months. That was profit right away… no more hoping it might sell on Amazon or eBay.

The entire concept can be learned in one short sitting for most experienced sellers!

Safe Book Profits

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These are actual payments for boxes of books that we shipped to bulk book buyers.

Weird loophole we found to make extra cash quickly by scanning books and selling them to other buyers (not on Amazon, not on eBay). We’ve been buying books for 15-50 cents and selling for $3+ (as expensive as $45-50). 

That’s 500% ROI on the lowest side.

The main “tool” you need to make this work is a smartphone where you can download a couple of apps.

Then you have to ship the items to the buyer using PRE-PAID SHIPPING. You won’t pay for shipping! 

This quick workshop will show you:

Total simplicity: Everything You Need to Start Today

The Course Consists of the following modules:

What do you need to make this work?

First, IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY SELLING BOOKS AND HAVE A GARAGE FULL OF BOOKS, this is a simple method to make some quick cash. 

Second, if you’re looking strapped for cash and can’t grow your replen business AND you have the time to scan books using a couple of apps, this might be the solution to make some more cash. 


The profits are almost guaranteed: you’ll know upon scanning if you’re making a profit and you won’t have to hope other sellers aren’t lowering the price on Amazon/eBay. 


Third, if you are already doing garage sales, this can be an additional income stream for you! 

The entire concept can be learned in one short sitting for most experienced sellers!

Testimonial from a recent buyer of Safe Book Profits. Find & listen to podcast #601 here.


Does this method require me to go to stores? 

Yes, the Safe Book Profits method works best if you can go to second-hand stores around you (Goodwill, Thrift stores, garage sales, etc.) or pick up books locally. Then you have to put all the books in a box (or boxes if you have many books), and ship them to the bulk book buyers that we will teach you all about in this course. You can also run free ads to your local community letting them know that you buy books.


What do I need to make this work? 

First of all, you need time. You will probably need at least $50 or so to buy the initial books (or you can use the methods we discussed to find free books–but that will take longer). Then, you also need a smartphone, a couple of free apps, and the ability to ship boxes of books to the buyers using a pre-paid shipping label (so, you need to be able to print shipping labels).

Coaching Students Get the course FREE!

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