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As you’ve likely heard by now I’ve made the difficult decision to step away from ecommerce and enjoy the next season of life with my best friend, wife, and business companion Karen, as we seek to spend more time with our amazing family and grandchildren.  It’s been such a pleasure serving you and this generous community for so many years, but the time is right to transition to the next season of life.

Rather than leave you empty handed as I move on, I wanted to refer you to someone whom I knew you could trust to deliver industry leading content and training as you continue to pursue your ecommerce dreams.  Jim Cockrum and his team are inarguably among the most accomplished leaders in the space who have almost as many years experience in ecommerce as I do. They have an incredible history of creating success stories among their students of the Proven Amazon Course, inarguably the world’s top-rated course with over 1,000 verfied success stories!  It’s my pleasure to suggest you consider this special FREE offer he’s made just for my audience as a bit of a parting gift from Jim, Karen, and me just for you.

To take advantage of this offer, simply fill out the form below with your name and email and you’ll get a 100% FREE download from Jim and his team of Jimmy Smith’s fantastic book! You can of course unsubscribe at any time and keep this gift completely free of charge.


Here's What We Want to Give You:

Jimmy Smith's eBook: Side Hustle to Full Time Income

Currently Selling for $35 on Amazon

This highly-practical and action-oriented book helps you go from Stressful eCommerce Gig to a Proven Full-Time Income Where You Can Work From Home!

Hundreds of thousands of online sellers attempt to make a living or side-income by buying products at stores and selling them for more money on Amazon and other platforms. For most, however, this proves to be difficult due to rising competition, lower prices, and the constantly evolving landscape of eCommerce.

By focusing on the right products and methods, you can go from struggling to successful in a short amount of time! In this book, you see how Jimmy and his wife Brittany went from $0 in selling on Amazon to over $100,000 per month!

You will receive a 100% free access code to this book! This is a no-obligation offer and there are no shipping or handling fees.

This offer expires a few days from now because, like I said
– they sell this book for $35 to their students every day.

Jim also has one of the top rated podcasts in the Amazon seller/ecommerce space that I suggest you listen to.  You’ll hear story after to story of creative entrepreneurs around the world who are building amazing businesses on this free show.  It’s completely free and I know you’ll love it!

Finally – Jim’s team has grown an entirely FREE Facebook group of over 68,000 members as well.  The group is made up of creative Amazon sellers and ecommerce business builders from around the world and it’s arguably the most active and helpful group in the niche.  You can join this free group using this link.

Thank you!
Skip McGrath


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