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The Two Core Principles That Can Make Any Amazon Seller Successful

The Two Core Principles That Can Make Any Amazon Seller Successful

This is Jim Cockrum and I have a question for you.

If you were determined to make 2019 the year that you either launch a successful Internet-based business or take your business to that level that you know it could and should be at, what would you do?

There are two short, simple things that I would suggest you do specifically that I’ve seen work repeatedly for many others.

I’ll share those two things for you in just a second, but first want to make you aware that we’re going to be sending you some really cool free content, some great advice and tips and strategies to kickoff 2019 the right way. Be looking for it in your email or in the Facebook group.

We want you to interact with us on these topics. This isn’t just one-way educational information. We want you to jump into our community, respond to our questions, join the conversation. . . because this will help you process the information better which will help you implement quicker.

So, what are the two things that you really should do if you want to make this coming year the best it can possibly be for your business?

Principle #1: Surround yourself with people who are doing it.

You’ve got to surround yourself with people that you want to become like those people who can encourage you. Those people who can help you. If you get stuck or hit a speed bump, you need some advice, you need some encouragement. You know it’s a lonely road. That’s why I call business building entrepreneurs “warriors” because it is a warrior’s journey. It’s difficult at times, but it’s a whole lot easier if you do it with a team.

We’ve got thousands of people in our community and some cases who have built incredible businesses and then we’ve got people who are brand new.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

John Wooden used that and I think it’s an old African proverb, but it’s so true. Go together; have a team. We’re here; it’s free. Our facebook community is completely free. It’s one of the most positive energetic places.

Jump in and join today’s conversation on Facebook!

Let’s kickoff 2019 the right way.

Before you join the first topic of discussion on Facebook, I need to share the second thing you need to do to make 2019 your best year yet:

Principle #2: The other thing you have to do is to make sure you’re consuming the right content.

And I would propose that that’s what we do better than anyone in the world and the reason that can be so bold about that is because of our success stories. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by universities, by Amazon itself, and by major players in the Internet marketing arena.

We are seeing thousands of success stories in our community, in our students. 150 or so just in the past few weeks alone. People saying, “Hey, my business just did something incredible, look, I finally making money online.” Dozens of success stories year round every month and 2019.

We’re going to kick it off with some great content, some great tips, some great strategies coming from the best of the best ideas from this community. So, we’re thrilled that you’re a part of what we have going on around here.

Look for the great information we’ll send you. But it’s going to be interactive, meaning we want you to jump in and join the conversation. Jump into our Facebook group. It’s completely free, like I said, over 50,000 Internet based entrepreneurs from around the world using all manner of creative strategies to grow businesses online and encouraging each other every step of the way as they do it.

Well, my name is Jim Cockrum. I’m so thrilled that you are here. Let’s make 2019 something truly special. Please use the link below and jump into the conversation with us.

We’ll talk to you on the other side.

Jim Cockrum

I'm the founder of the course. My main job in this series is finding the students, trainers, and talented leaders who I know will inspire, inform, and open your eyes to the incredible opportunities that are waiting for you on Amazon as a seller. My Amazon business is thriving as well—I've hired friends and family to help it continue to grow!

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