Did you know that Walmart is growing faster than Amazon?
Would you like to diversify instead of relying solely on Amazon?
We've cracked the code on finding great Walmart inventory to test - can we show you how?

If you’ve sold products at all on Amazon or eBay, it’s time to take a serious look at Walmart!

Most sellers are surprised by how quickly they can begin seeing incredible results on Walmart even by simply testing the same items they are already selling on Amazon…on!

The challenges and realities of selling:

Our all new, Summer 2024 Walmart training is going to ignite your Walmart business!

With this training offer you’ll get instant, full, permanent access to fourteen comprehensive modules containing the latest cutting-edge, proven strategies that cover from everything from getting signed up and approved to sell on to advanced sourcing and shipping strategies and tips.

The modules you’ll receive:

    1. Powerful Sourcing Strategies for Walmart
      Ungating on Walmart
      > Utilizing Wallysmarter for market analysis
      > Turning your Amazon catalog into actionable data for Walmart
      > Using PSP with Amazon catalog data

    2. Data Utilization
      Using PSP with scraped data
      Leveraging old leads with PSP to find new items
      How to find great inventory to test on Walmart using Nepeto, Marter, and PSP

    3. Sproutlist Setup and Usage
      > Web analysis setup for Amazon
      Finish setup on Amazon and brief demo on how to use Sproutlist
      Setting up Sproutlist for use on Walmart

    4.  Course Review and Updates
      Plugging into a community and getting the help you need
      Walmart Warriors group

Joseph Kelsey: E-commerce Expert & Walmart Selling Course Creator

With over 14 years of e-commerce experience, Joseph Kelsey is a seasoned veteran in the online selling world. He began his journey on eBay, where he honed his skills for over a decade before expanding his reach to Amazon, where he has been selling successfully for the past 6 years. Three years ago, Joseph ventured into the Walmart marketplace and has since achieved remarkable success, generating $1.2 million in sales over the last 2 years alone. 

Joseph’s deep understanding of multiple selling platforms, combined with his hands-on approach, has culminated in the creation of his comprehensive Walmart selling course. This course is designed to be the most expansive and detailed guide available, catering to both beginners and advanced sellers. From setting up a brand-new Walmart account to mastering advanced sales techniques, Joseph covers every aspect of the process with clarity and expertise.

His business is a family affair. Joseph and his wife, who retired from a 15-year career as a police officer two years ago, now work together in their e-commerce ventures. Their five children, ages 6 to 14, also contribute to the family business, making it a collaborative effort that combines the strengths and skills of each family member. 

Driven by a passion to help others achieve the same freedom and success he enjoys in the e-commerce world, Joseph created this course as a valuable resource for the Facebook community and beyond. He firmly believes that the skills and strategies shared in his course can provide a viable alternative to selling on Amazon. “If you can’t sell something on Amazon, you can most likely sell it on Walmart,” he asserts. 

Joseph’s mission is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to experience the freedom and fulfillment that comes with running their own e-commerce business. His course is a testament to his dedication to helping others succeed, offering practical insights and proven strategies to navigate the Walmart marketplace with confidence.

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Q:  What is the Walmart Warriors community and do I need it?  Can I opt-out?

A:  Our Walmart Warriors community will benefit you tremendously as you engage with our Walmart seller training courses. We’ve discovered that the vast majority of our students who find success with ANY strategy are the same students who actively engage with others who are going through the same process as well as those who are already excelling with the same process. Walmart Warriors will be a source of ongoing accountability, encouragement, updates and insights from experts that will more than pay for itself. Want to cancel your Walmart Warriors subscription? No problem!  You’ll of course retain full access to the training courses and content regardless of your subscription status with the Walmart Warriors community. After thirty days of complimentary access to the Walmart Warriors community, you will be billed at the rate of $47/month (reduced rates for coaching and ProvenAmazonCourse students) – cancel easily at any time by emailing [email protected]

ONLY $297!!

After thirty days of complimentary access to Walmart Warriors, you will be billed at the rate of $47/month (reduced rates for coaching and students). Please contact Support to cancel your subscription. You will retain access to the Walmart Sellers Course training content regardless of your status with Walmart Warriors community.

Our goal is to make our customers happy, so we back that up with our simple refund policy. If you are not pleased with your purchase for any reason, just contact us within 30 days and we will offer a full refund or credit – your choice! Have questions or concerns? We are happy to help. Contact us at: [email protected]

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