Wholesale Accelerator
Transform Your Amazon Business Into A
Profitable WHOLESALE Business

With HANDS-ON Expert Support!

The 6-Week Accelerator Class Will Help you Find One (1) Profitable Wholesale Account Guaranteed

(and Get the Exact Blueprint to Quickly Scale to More Accounts)

We guarantee that you’ll open at least 1 (one) Wholesale Account within 3 Months (as long as you take action on our training) OR we’ll give you the name of 1 Wholesale Brand so you can easily open a profitable account.
Here’s the truth:

In our age of distraction, if you want results, you don’t need a new course. You need to take action.

And you need to be surrounded by like-minded sellers to motivate and to help you when you get stuck.

This is why we designed the Wholesale Accelerator.


For 6-weeks, our Wholesale Expert team will walk you and a small group of Amazon sellers through a step-by-step plan for building a rock-solid foundation to an Amazon Wholesale business that is consistently making you money.

Each week, you will get the details on how to accomplish simple tasks that will get you closer to opening that 1 Wholesale account. Each week, you will see real progress because you will spend most of your time executing, not just learning.

Our "Bootcamp" is focused on taking action. That's why we added the ACCOUNTABILITY aspect so that we can give you the right hands-on guidance you need to make a big leap in your business. We'll check with you every week to help you advance in your business.

You’ll no longer wonder what to do next to grow a Successful Wholesale Business... instead, you’ll know exactly what strategies to implement and the most effective and efficient ways to do them to achieve growth.



It’s like having your own private wholesale expert in your corner… minus the high expense of one-on-one guidance.

We mapped out every step needed to get your first wholesale account. All you have to do is show up, do the work, ask for help when you get stuck, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Paul and Delia have helped many students achieve success with wholesale. Do you want to be the next Wholesale success story?

Student Success Stories

We wouldn’t be where we are today without Paul’s guidance. He has so much wisdom and experience and our growth is completely credited to him and his advice. He genuinely wanted us to succeed and we felt so supported as we were figuring things out.

We have never done any kind of wholesale sourcing before and Paul walked us through each step of the way. He gave us the confidence we needed to get where we are today.
– Jenny S.
Delia helped us get started with selling wholesale on Amazon earlier this year. As the graph proves, we only started a few months ago, but we are growing quite nicely.

We can’t imagine being able to do these numbers without Delia’s guidance. She is also helping us with some other pretty creative deals, so we expect to hit 7-figures by the end of next year.

Highly recommend you listen to what she tells you to do.
– Paul & Edward
A few months after I started selling online, I was doing around $5k to $8k in revenue per month and doing okay. Though it’s a side hustle, I wanted to grow, but I needed someone to help me get there; I needed a mentor. That’s when I found Paul and we catapulted my online selling to the next level… We buckled down to a few areas and we hit them hard. Within two months, I jumped to $20k of revenue per month… I am on pace to do $60k in revenue in December at a 20% margin. Couldn’t have done it without my brother. If you want a shortcut to success, join Paul’s program.
– Abe M.
I just did what Paul and Delia told me to do
– Kristen P.
Many thanks…
– Leia C.
ROI POTENTIAL: examples from our Amazon stores
Field-Tested Strategies

Discover the approaches we’ve used to grow our businesses as well as helping students.

We’ve tried and failed often, but you can learn from us and avoid the costly mistakes. Get your shortcut to building a Wholesale Business!

Direct Support
Most successful sellers will tell you that having the right support is essential to growing a successful business.

This group mentoring will equip each seller with the skills and the support needed to move forward.
Implementation Workshops

In addition to the weekly trainings, we’ll also have an implementation
so that all sellers can work together… because only taking action will grow our businesses.

From the start, Paul has been what a mentor should be- a friend, mentor, and cheerleader…
Following his advice has caused me to jump in feet first to a brand partnering relationship, taking a small brand from having a single listing on Amazon that they had no control over, until eventually the brand owner had the confidence to fully scale her business on Amazon with several listings and $150,000 per month in sales! I have overcome perceived failures to reach heights of success I only HOPED were possible.
In my first year selling on Amazon, I sold $14,000 for 6 months on Amazon. The next year, I sold $72000. In 2019, I have sold over $160000 and should close the year with an additional $15k in sales. All this with at least 20% profit margin, so that in 2020 I anticipate Amazon becoming my husband and my primary income source before the first quarter ends. I can never thank Paul enough for the support and help and I am sincerely looking forward to what the future holds.
Experienced Sellers On Your Side
Who are we?
Delia Ursulescu
Paul Saucier
I started seriously selling on Amazon in 2013. My initial $250 investment grew into a 6-figure business in less than two years (in fact, we reached $249,000 in revenue our second year on Amazon). Since then, our small business has generated over 7-figures in sales and I’ve had the privilege to work with a variety of e-commerce clients (from 5-figure to 8-figure sellers).

The journey hasn’t been easy. I know what it means to wonder if you’ll make enough money this month to pay your bills because you need cash flow to reinvest. I’ve been there. But wholesale (exclusive agreements) and private label have been the stabilizing factors in our Amazon business (we’ve tried RA and OA and some other strategies, but I enjoy WH and PL). Using our skills and knowledge, my business partner and I have been able to add other streams of income to the business so that we can enjoy working from home and make our own schedule.
I started selling on Amazon 5 years ago with a heavy focus on online and retail arbitrage. My initial investment was $300 which I continued to grow in the years that would follow. After doing arbitrage for a couple of years, I decided to pursue wholesale.

Fast forward to today, wholesale sourced products make up 95% of my sales, earning an income that allows me to work from home and support my wife and 2 children.
We can only accept sellers who qualify for this accelerator.
Experience Selling on Amazon

Our goal is 100% success rate in this accelerator. This means, we designed the blueprint with one type of seller in mind (namely, a seller with at least some experience selling on Amazon). You must have a Pro account & know the basics of Amazon (what is a product's rank, you've looked at a Keepa graph before, etc.).

Because it's a short program, we have to be very focused. So, we won't cover Amazon 101 topics.

Budget to Invest
We expect all sellers who participate in the program to have a minimum of $1,000 to purchase Wholesale inventory (this is required in addition to the investment in this program).

While RA can be started with very little, wholesale require an initial investment (often, a few hundred dollars). If you have no budget to get started, we highly recommend RA rather than wholesale.
Having $1k minimum is required.
Committed to Take Action

You are committed to spend at least 4 hours per week during these 6 weeks to take action and get the weekly tasks done.

If you don't have 4 hours each week to commit to this program (for the duration of the 6-week program), we kindly ask that you do NOT apply.

Making wholesale profitable takes longer, but it's easy once you get the successful accounts.

You will acquire at least 1 wholesale account in 3 months of starting.

If you show us that you have taken the steps outlined in our program and you still don’t have an account after 3 months, we will personally work with you to help you find that one profitable account within the following 14 days.

Moreover, we guarantee we’ll work WITH you until you make back what you invested in this program as long as you do the work. We wanted to make this a no-brainer decision, but it will only work IF YOU ARE COMMITTED to take action.

Our goal is to see an extremely high success rate in this program (100%)
For this reason, we are only accepting sellers who:
1. Have experience on Amazon
2. Have at least $1,000 to purchase wholesale inventory
3. Are committed to working a minimum of 4 hrs per week on this model.
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